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Project Performers

The Spark Studio is proud to host Project Performers, a highly regarded youth performance group. Led by our Creative Director, Polly Pritchard-Davies, Project Performers focuses on nurturing young individuals confidence, coordination, and creative abilities.

As part of Project Performers, young talents have exciting opportunities to showcase their skills in our specially crafted productions. These performances have been presented at venues such as the Palace Theatre Paignton and Brixham Theatre, as well as outdoor events held during festivals and various community gatherings.

We are extremely proud of the remarkable achievements and dedication displayed by the Project Performers. Their passion and commitment serve as a testament to their growth and artistic development.

Project Performers. Brixham's youth performance group
Project Performers with Polly Pritchard-Davies
Project Performers in Moana, Jr.
Moana 2.jpeg

Audience reviews of our most recent public performance Moana Jn, March 2023.  

‘Absolutely amazing. Loved every minute  - costumes, singing, dancing, lights and atmosphere were great. Well done everyone.’

‘Amazingly performed. I was so inspired by ALL the children of all ages. Many congratulations.’

Project Performers in Moana, Jr
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