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Magic and Mischief Summer Workshop

Inviting children to unlock the secrets of magic while embracing their mischievous side. In this workshop, young wizards, witches, fairies and other magical beings will delve into the realm of magic, where spellbinding wonders and playful antics abound.


Through drama, crafts and song, children will explore the limitless possibilities of their imagination - both magical and mischievous. 

By the end of the day, the children will have created a performance for their families and family.


This workshop is one of our series of Summer Workshops for children aged between 5 - 11yrs, whether they already love performing or would like to give it a go. ​There are three other Summer Workshops, including: 


Tutor: Polly Pritchard-Davies

Where: The Spark Studio

When: Thursday17th August, 10am-4pm


  • £25 per child  (two or more siblings £20 per child)

  • £90 for all four workshops (two or more siblings £70)  (please note to click the event that specifies all four) 

Magic and Mischief, Children's Summer Workshops in Brixham, Devon, August 2023
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