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About The Spark

Welcome to The Spark Studio, a vibrant community arts studio located in Brixham.

We offer a diverse range of classes and activities that are designed to spark your imagination, and nurture creativity and skills. Regardless of your background or experience, we offer something for all ages and abilities. You can find more information about what we offer on our Classes and What's On pages. 

Building confidence by taking part in drama, dance, singing.


Taking part in an art form, whether its dancing, singing, writing, acting or a craft, requires learning new skills and regular practice. There are moments where individuals are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zones – such as performing to an audience or sharing something they have created themselves. Through these activities individuals can gain a better understanding of their capabilities, strengths and areas for improvement. These are key elements for building confidence – but not just in the studio, it also works in the other aspects of life – and encouraging individuals to shine.

Find your passion in the arts


Find what sparks your passion and fills you with joy every time you do it. There are many different opportunities in the arts - from acting, dancing, singing, directing, writing, to making costumes – and many opportunities for people to discover different ways to express themselves. At The Spark Studio we offer a safe and supportive environment to help individuals find what they are passionate about.

Dance, drama and singing all exercise the body.


Joining in with a creative activity can also be a brilliant physical activity. Dance, drama, and singing are all activities which exercise the body. There are elements of cardiovascular exercise, strength and muscle tone, posture, flexibility, balance and coordination, and mind-body connection. What better way to get your exercise!   


When joining a class or group, individuals will be part of a community – a community with shared interests, respect and support for each other to achieve brilliant things together, as they inspire and uplift one another.

Respect. Taking part in a performing arts class means being part a supportive community.
The performing arts offers more than creativty. They help develop key skills such as memory, concentration and communicaiton skills.

Key Skills 

Along with the other benefits of taking part in a class or group, there are many other key skills that individuals develop that are valuable in other areas of life. For example, enhancing cognitive skills such as improving memory, concentration, problem-solving, and communication. It provides the opportunity to collaborate and help develop skills to work well with others.

Our Mission

To grow the arts in Brixham and develop exciting programmes for all ages and abilities.

Our Story

The Spark is operated by not-for-profit company PPT Arts and Events CIC, established in March 2018. Company number 11249439.


We took on the lease of a former Church Hall, located in an industrial unit in Brixham. We have transformed the hall into lively hub for of dance, drama, music, creativity, and much more for the community. We are working to grow our programme of classes, performances, and activities.

We run regular classes for children and adults, including drama, youth theatre, tap dance, ballet and contemporary funky dance (see our Classes page to find out what we currently offer). We also offer many holiday activities such as craft workshops, film making and summer drama schools (see our What’s On page to find out more).  


The Spark Studio is also available to hire. It is a versatile space and can be used for various purposes including birthday parties, meetings, classes and workshops. You can find out more about hiring The Spark Studio on our Hire page. Regular hirers include South Devon College and Brixham Community Church. 

Project Performers

The Spark Studio is proud to host Project Performers, a highly regarded youth performance group. Led by our Creative Director, Polly Pritchard-Davies, Project Performers focuses on nurturing young individuals confidence, coordination, and creative abilities.

As part of Project Performers, young talents have exciting opportunities to showcase their skills in our specially crafted productions. These performances have been presented at venues such as the Palace Theatre Paignton and Brixham Theatre, as well as outdoor events held during festivals and various community gatherings.

We are extremely proud of the remarkable achievements and dedication displayed by the Project Performers. Their passion and commitment serve as a testament to their growth and artistic development.

Project Performers. Brixham's youth performance group
Project Performers with Polly Pritchard-Davies
Project Performers in Moana, Jr.
Moana 2.jpeg

Audience reviews of our most recent public performance Moana Jn, March 2023.  

‘Absolutely amazing. Loved every minute  - costumes, singing, dancing, lights and atmosphere were great. Well done everyone.’

‘Amazingly performed. I was so inspired by ALL the children of all ages. Many congratulations.’

Project Performers in Moana, Jr

Our Team

Our Board

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